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 How to preserve and augment your wealth in Switzerland

Preserving and augmenting your wealth

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«How To Protect
Your Capital»

Family Office: The future of your
Family and your assets in Switzerland

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“Let whoever knows a skill practice it.”
Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC)

UNIKOM AG has been on the Swiss market of financial and legal services for almost a quarter of a century. UNIKOM’s team consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive expertise in the field of wealth management and asset protection, able to provide luxury financial, trust and tax planning services to clients of significant wealth.
Our company is targeted at the exclusive circle of highly successful individuals, combining the world’s leading solutions related to Family Office, with the reliability and performance of a leading Swiss provider of exclusive Family Office services.

We are always happy to meet with you – our clients – to introduce you with our wide range of services, aimed at protecting and growing your capital.
You can rely on our comprehensive knowledge of Swiss law and complete confidentiality, in addition to the practical experience that our team of consultants, lawyers, tax experts and trust specialists brings in tackling one-of-a-kind asset protection and wealth management tasks for our clients.
Our mission is remarkably simple:
To assist our affluent clients properly managing personal finances in order to retain and grow their value, while maintaining strict confidentiality.
Our principles:
We strive to maintain decency and integrity in our client and partner relationships, in any and all situations.


Complete range of Family Office services
We offer our clients a full range of services, from simple consultations and recommendations on asset protection to comprehensive family estate valuations, financial planning, and assistance in resolving personal affairs (medical treatment, education, real estate, celebratory events, pension plans, investment in luxury items, precious metals and stones, works of art, etc.).
Individual approach
Each client is unique. The services we offer are tailored to each individual client to meet his own particular needs and take advantage of opportunities. Each client is offered the most efficient and reliable path best suited for his specific situation toward achieving his particular goals.
Independence and objectivity, no conflicts of interest
UNIKOM AG is not a subsidiary or affiliate of any financial institution. The remuneration we receive is charged exclusively for our consulting services and increasing your wealth. We do not charge commission or other fees for third parties under any circumstances, and we guarantee the absolute objectivity of our conclusions and recommendations.
Focused on long-term collaboration
UNIKOM AG takes on long-term obligations with its clients and guarantees compliance with client interests for generations to come. When you choose UNIKOM, you choose improved quality of control over your capital and improved quality of life.
Operations in a variety of jurisdictions
At UNIKOM, we have experience working in different countries, as our clients hold assets around the world. With our team of international experts familiar with the legal and tax environments of different countries, we are able to offer our clients the best possible solutions.

Want to retain and grow the
value of your family assets?

Cooperation with international organizations
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