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 Switzerland - the future of your business and family assets

Investing and saving in Switzerland

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Switzerland: The future of your
business and your family assets

from CEO
“There are people who have money and people who are rich.”
Coco Chanel (1883–1971)

As we all know, Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries in the world to live in – and it is an equally attractive location for business development, asset protection and investments.
With its ideal combination of political and economic stability, absence of interethnic conflicts and contradictions (in contrast with other European countries!), a long tradition of banking and financial business, a pristine natural environment, a high standard of living and relatively low tax rates, Switzerland appeals to affluent individuals and successful entrepreneurs from around the world.

Company formation? Asset protection? Investments?
Only in Switzerland!

We at UNIKOM AG provide our international clientele with a confidential, trustworthy and unbiased framework for the management of their business and financial affairs; every aspect of investment advisory services, company formation in Switzerland, asset management strategy and financial engineering is offered. We can help you benefit from unparalleled Switzerland’s business environment coupled with business-friendly tax regulation.
To maintain and accrue earned capital, it is not enough to simply divide one’s estate among family members. In order to achieve the said goals, UNIKOM AG offers the following:
asset and property consolidation under Swiss
    jurisdiction, creating a complete family strategy
    for wealth ownership
setting up streamlined legal structures for asset
    ownership and future inheritances without any
    additional expenses
ensuring strict confidentiality when it comes to
    the allocation of capital within one’s family;
    preventing any illegal attempts to claim property
    or any unlawful actions against our clients or
    their family members

UNIKOM AG – the choice of the entrepreneurs who require:

a trustworthy consultant in Switzerland, capable of accomplishing tasks in
    real time, creatively and with solid results
an individual approach and complete confidentiality on all issues, to make
    your plans come true and ensure a high credibility of your Swiss-based
efficient management of companies and funds, in coordination with lawyers,
    auditors and financial institutions involved in their asset management

Want to settle down under
Swiss jurisdiction?

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