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 Prestigious address and virtual office in Switzerland

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Our address:
Todistrasse 38
CH-8002 Zurich
Tel: +41-44-771-2500
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«How To Protect
Your Capital»

Family Office: The future of your
Family and your assets in Switzerland

from CEO
“The secret of success is to do the
common things uncommonly well.”
John D. Rockefeller (1839–1937)

UNIKOM AG offers its clients in Switzerland modern, fully-equipped office space fitted with the latest technology and all requisite office services.
We are also prepared to arrange the secure transfer and storage of your company’s electronic data in Switzerland. This service can provide protection against hostile takeovers and industrial espionage, as well as state rackets.


UNIKOM advantages:
prestigious location on a quiet block in the heart of
    Zurich’s business district
selection of services to fully meet your needs
meeting spaces, lavishly furnished in baroque style
    and fitted with video conference equipment
top-quality phone systems, printers, scanners,
    copy machines, conference-hall, local network, and
    a high-speed Internet connection
dependable electronic security system to protect
    your data against unauthorized access

UNIKOM AG office solutions

Virtual Office Plan
    - prestigious business address and corresponding
      phone number
    - receipt and forwarding of your correspondence
      and emails, addressed to you
    - personalized responses to phone calls; call forwarding
      to your primary number, round-the-clock voicemail box
    - administrative and technical support customized to suit
      your individual needs
Conference Room Plan
    - space for meetings and video conferencing
    - secretary services during meetings
    - translation and interpreting services
      (as needed)
    - catering
VIP Domicile Plan
    - Virtual Office
      (see detailed description above)
    - Conference Room
      (see detailed description above)
    - all necessary services, including
      competent secretarial services
    - unlimited use of all administrative
      and technical resources
    - reliable and secure communications
      (both voice and video) with your
      company’s headquarters in any country

We at UNIKOM AG are ready to provide our clients any other office services in Switzerland, above and beyond our standard packs.

Need prestigious address or
virtual office in Switzerland?

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