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 Investment in physical gold and other precious metals (silver, palladium, platinum)

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“The desire of gold is not for gold. It is
for the means of freedom and benefit.”
Ralph Emerson (1803–1882)

The world’s financial system and fiat currency model entail flaws that require prudent precautionary measures. Precious metals are an important asset allocation in portfolios today.
Through its unique network, UNIKOM AG offers services related to purchase of precious metals (gold, silver, palladium and platinum) and their physical storage within the tax-free areas of Switzerland.

Why Physical

There are manifold ways of acquiring, keeping and selling precious metals. Today, a multitude of programs are being created, even by mainstream institutions. However, the majority of these programs – ETFs, metal accounts, certificates etc. – do not provide for PHYSICALLY ALLOCATED, GUARANTEED STORAGE.
Such programs may be fine for certain kinds of actively managed mandates, where more frequent buying and selling of precious metals is part of the strategy. But they are not the right option for a “NEST-EGG” allocation or for medium to long-term trend allocations.
Several issues, such as government confiscation, geopolitical risk management, bull market price peaks, make it a necessity to hold precious metals in physical allocated format.
Common nonsense: “But gold does not pay an interest...”
Yes, gold and other precious metals have been shunned as investments by the mainstream financial services arena, and truly still are. There is much more money for banks and brokers to be made with stocks, bonds and structured products. Precious metals, particularly gold, are acquired and stored for years. No turnover, no interest, little profits for the bankers...
We take a different position: EVERYONE should have a minimum allocation in precious metals. Most of all, we are convinced that in face of intrinsic flaws in fiat currency systems and decades of soft monetary policies, it is a must to keep a nest-egg of physical gold in a secure location.
History testifies to the fact that gold is the only true store of value. And, having PHYSICAL gold stored in a safe storage facility within a safe jurisdiction is not an option but a mandatory element of any solid wealth management plan.

Five Reasons to Invest in Precious Metals with UNIKOM AG

You have access to all major precious metals investments: gold, silver, platinum
    and palladium; metals can be bought in US Dollars, Swiss Francs or Euro.
You own the actual physical metals, not a simple “claim”; an international selection
    of bullion and bars is available.
The metals are stored in a safe storage facility within tax-free areas of Switzerland,
    optimizing your costs when buying metals other than gold (e.g. VAT does not apply).
You can take delivery (worldwide) of your metals at any time; no waiting periods
    apply as the metals are physically stored for you at all times.
Privacy and confidentiality by Swiss standards, based on properly defined,
    multi-signature procedures.

Selecting the best possible location to deposit your assets and safe-keep your precious metals is a critical decision in your overall wealth preservation strategy. For many investors, Switzerland is at the top of the list.
We at UNIKOM AG welcome the opportunity to offer our clients a solid and reliable solution to address precisely that challenge.

Want to safe-keep your family’s
precious metals in Switzerland?

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